Cattolica, Queen of the Adriatic is a beautiful small town located on the border between Emilia Romagna and Marche.
With its sandy beach, large and well equipped and the shallow water is ideal place to spend their holidays at sea with the family in complete peace and security.
Tourism is firmly rooted, the hospitality and friendliness are our first requirements, we can conciliate the frantic rhythm of the coast with the wonders enclosed in the surrounding hills, where countless villages, fortresses and castles will offer you unique moments where the air smells yet history and authentic traditions, festivals, fairs plus breathtaking views that can be enjoyed from the nearby Gradara and terraces of Gabicce Monte, the scenic road to Pesaro, are viable alternatives to the beach and the sea.
Comfortable and elegant furniture with a pleasant and nice, Catholic has a myriad of small shops open throughout the day until late at night, the new dock, the historic center and the tourist area can be easily reached on foot without any traffic problem.
In the numerous bars, restaurants, pizzerias and restaurants, you can taste the flavors of our excellent cuisine.
Evenings are always full of events, shows and entertainment for young and old, for children then there are opportunities for fun and entertainment with local open late on the beach and the many nightclubs nearby.
For sports, there are many possibilities, in addition to the usual beach activities, swimming, beach volleyball, canoeing, kite surfing you can go jogging, cycling, mountain biking, Nordic walking.

A holiday in Cattolica will remain a pleasant memory for all.